Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 LTE


Quick Overview

  • Introducing Contactless Secure Payments : make payments from your wrist with a simple Tap & Pay feature enabled by Samsung Wallet
  • Freedom with LTE : Stay connected with your world even when you leave your phone behind. Enjoy seamless access to calls, messages, music streaming & much more on the go.
  • Advanced Sleep Coaching: Know your sleep with our new and improved sleep tracking technology. Plan your bedtime, detect snoring, understand and track your sleep on your wrist.
  • Personalized HR: Create your own customized HR zones with just 10min of outdoor running. Maximize the output of your workouts with Zone alerts (Warm-up, Fat burn, Cardio etc.)
  • With Call Function
  • Touchscreen
  • Fitness & Outdoor

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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, your trusted companion that delves deep into your individuality, offering a health experience tailored exclusively to you. Unveiling a world of boundless possibilities, this watch fuses style and comfort seamlessly, all while bringing forth an array of innovative features that redefine smartwatches.

Vibrant Display

Witness a revolutionary leap in visual clarity with a large display, allowing you to glean vital information at a single glance. The slim black margin ushers in the era of the Galaxy Watch's grandest screen yet, immersing you in a sea of vivid detail and captivating colour.

Sleek Design

The fusion of style and comfort has never been more evident than in the Galaxy Watch 6. Its slim, sleek shape nestles effortlessly on your wrist, harmonising aesthetics with ergonomic excellence. Effortlessly switch up your style by pressing the band release button, allowing you to detach and interchange watch straps with ease, reflecting your ever-changing moods and tastes.

Powerful Processor

Empower yourself with enhanced speed and processing capabilities, as the highly-efficient processor propels the Galaxy Watch 6 to an impressive increase in performance. Seamlessly navigate through tasks and activities, making every interaction a breeze.

Massive Battery Life

Unleash the freedom of prolonged use with the Galaxy Watch 6's astonishing battery life. Revel in up to 40 hours of uninterrupted operation with a single full charge, and experience the convenience of fast charging, boosting your watch's power to 45% in a mere 30 minutes.

Fall Detection Function

Embrace tranquility with the Galaxy Watch 6 as your ultimate safety net. Fall Detection springs into action, offering assistance at the slightest hint of distress. In dire emergencies, a mere five presses of the home button initiates an SOS signal to emergency services, ensuring your well-being is always within reach.

Stupendous Data Transfer

Elevate your data transfer experience with Smart Switch, a secure method to seamlessly transport your digital world to the Galaxy Watch 6. Embrace the future with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, a testament to innovation, style, and the art of personalised well-being.





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